YARP - Catalyst Community Arts Program

Catalyst Community Arts Program
Prize Pool: $215 000.00

Regularity: Annually Exhibit Will Tour: - -
Sales Commissions: - - Date Entry Closed: Mar 30
Date Exhibit: - - Date Announced: - -
Entry Fee: $0.00 Is Acquisitive: - -
State: WA

Must be a WA resident.Individuals over 18 and groups and organisations are all eligible for funding.


Community arts project funding. There are two funding rounds, one in March with a pool of $110,000 and one in September with a pool of $105,000. There are three categories. Category A is Innovate with grants in this category being limited to $2000 and a total of $30,000 available each round.
Category B is Create with grants being between $2000 and $10,000 and a total of $75,000 available each round.
Category C is Develop with $30,000 available in both the March and September rounds. 
Closing dates are March 30th and September 30th. Successful applicants are notified within 3 months of application.
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