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Scope of the Database
Yarp provides detailed information about arts prizes, residencies, scholarships, grants and fellowships from around Australia. From the smallest regional arts prizes right through to the largest, high profile prizes, prize monies vary from $50 to hundreds of thousands of dollars worth.

There are currently 1438 records in the database. Each record includes prize opening date, prize closing date, exhibition date, prize pool total, entry fee costs, whether prize is acquisitive or not, prize website, entry restrictions, details of the prize including breakdown of individual prize categories and dollar values for each, medium/s of prize, genre of prize, organisation contact details, venue contact details, individual contact details where available.

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Yarp searches by keyword in basic search mode. Just type in what you are looking for. Basic Search does not use boolean searching (and/or/not). Use Advanced Search for boolean searching.

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Please note, common 2 and 3 letter words are filtered out of all search criteria except for the field "as a phrase" when using advanced search. Results are ordered by relevance. The scope of relevance increases as you employ more than one search field in Advanced Search.