YARP - Myer Foundation Arts and Humanities Grant Program

Myer Foundation Arts and Humanities Grant Program
Prize Pool: $80 000.00

Regularity: Annually Exhibit Will Tour: - -
Sales Commissions: - - Date Entry Closed: Aug 26
Date Exhibit: - - Date Announced: - -
Entry Fee: $0.00 Is Acquisitive: - -
State: VIC

Grant recipients must commit to spending the majority of their time in Australia over the two year granting period.


The Myer Foundation awards funding for projects that support the humanities. This includes projects that contribute to defining a distinct Australian identity. Projects involving Indigenous art, regional areas or experimental and emerging art forms are also eligible for funding.

Between seven and 11 Fellowships will be awarded each year.Awarded Fellows will receive $80,000 per year for two years. This is a one off grant.

Please contact organising body for 2012 dates. The closing date in 2011 was August 26th.

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